Aluminum Portable Soccer Benches Offer Many Advantages Over Fixed Benches

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The aluminum portable soccer bench features a two and three eighths inch O.D. galvanized tube construction reinforced by a one and one sixteenth inch cross brace.

This makes it sturdy enough to withstand heavy winds in certain part of the country. It is also well able to support the full combined weight of multiple players.

The relatively light weight of the aluminum, combined with the portable leg style, allows for easy mobility. Units can be moved to and from the field in a short amount of time. This makes them highly desirable to organizations ranging from parks, schools, and local sports clubs.

These organizations have discovered that portable benches offer significant advantages over those that are fixed in place.

For one thing, a portable is easier to protect from vandalism because it can be stored after practices and games. No matter what an organization does to protect its facilities, vandalism in one form or fashion is always possible.

Removing benches and storing them under lock and key puts them out of reach of miscreant vagabonds who are up to no good. It also helps to protect them from inclement weather.

Soccer benches measure six, eight, or fifteen feet long. The fifteen foot benches have three legs to stabilize them. Depending on the length of the bench, teams can seat anywhere from six to eleven players at a time.

Unlike many sport benches, our aluminum benches have back rests so players can recline while on the sideline. This is important for both children and adults. Children have backs that need support as they grow. Adults have backs that need protection from needless strain.

Another advantage that the portable soccer bench offers is versatility of use. They can be used either indoors or outdoors. This is particularly important to many some soccer leagues in urban areas where indoor facilities have multi function sports courts.

Soccer benches are actually more than simply benches for soccer. They can be used indoors as locker room benches as well. This can save a great deal of money on a school that is remodeling the locker room, because it offers a much simpler alternative to surface mounted benches fastened to the floor.

The versatility of these aluminum benches also makes them ideal for any natural park. Due to the presence of a back rest, they work very well for seating in front of park buildings, park entrances, and entrances to trails.

Again, their portability allows park staff to add or subtract as many benches as necessary to provide just enough seating for park guests. During slow seasons, the benches can be moved into buildings for seating so that natural areas can look more pristine.

In municipal parks, soccer benches are the preferred seating for any type of athletic sideline seating.
Like indoor urban sports centers, parks often have to use the same field for more than one game.

The advantage of using aluminum benches here is clear. It allows for the same basic type of seating to be used for players in football games, soccer, and baseball dugouts.
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Aluminum Portable Soccer Benches Offer Many Advantages Over Fixed Benches

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This article was published on 2011/01/04