Choosing the Right Outdoor Bench

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With the arrival of warm weather again, many of us are looking at our front lawns, gardens, and backyards with the fresh perspective that seems to follow each winter. Plans are being made, landscaping tools are removed from their storage places, and materials are purchased as many of us set out on our never-ending quests for the perfect yard. As you join the parade of quest-seekers this year, you might want to give some thought to adding the one feature that many yards and gardens use for a rustic accent and a country flavor. Nothing in the yard seems to say welcome as well as a wooden outdoor bench.

Many landscaping designs are conceived with a particular flow to them. Stone paths and brick steps are the highways and overpasses of the yard's traffic design, winding through and around gardens, flowerbeds, ponds, waterfalls, and statuary. Bushes and shrubs blend easily into the landscape, or provide natural walls that further enhance the overall balance and design of the landscape. With such beauty laid out before you, what could be more perfect than a wooden outdoor bench or two to provide the perfect resting place for you and everyone else who wants to enjoy the beauty of your yard and garden?

Finding the right wooden outdoor bench is not as big a challenge as it seems at first glance. There are just a few questions you need to ask yourself, such as how you plan to use the bench, and what style you want. The uses for an outdoor bench usually come down to two choices: form or function. If you want a bench for the overall design of the landscape, multiple smaller benches may be the answer to your needs. On the other hand, if you want to sit on your bench and enjoy your beautiful yard, you need to be thinking a little bigger. Styles can range from stationary flat benches to the glider style. Every style has its use, so it really comes down to preference. Finally, you want to ensure that your outdoor bench is durable. Weather and pests can all take their toll on your bench, so choose carefully.

With the right attention to the needs of your yard or garden, you can easily choose the wooden outdoor bench that is perfect for you. It will enhance your landscape, and provide a central gathering and resting place for anyone enjoying your yard. And with the proper care, you will enjoy both your bench and your yard for years to come. 

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The right outdoor storage bench or maybe some park benches can put the final touches on a beautiful, relaxing and useful backyard. It is these little touches that make or break a backyard renovation. Check out a new bench today!

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Choosing the Right Outdoor Bench

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This article was published on 2010/04/01