Five Uses For Your Wood Backless Bench

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A wood backless bench is one of the simplest pieces of furniture in regards to design, but they are still sturdy and useful both for indoor and outdoor use. Here are just five of the many uses for your wood backless bench.

1. It can be used for additional Seating

Of course a wood backless bench is made primarily to sit on. These benches are not only lightweight as well as durable and they can save you a lot of money in the long-run. Wood backless benches can be purchased in a variety of different lengths, some even being able to sit more than four people at a time. This will save you money very quickly considering how many chairs you would have needed to purchase separately. These benches make great seats around tables, in the yard, or around the deck.

A wood backless bench can save you a lot of time when used for outdoor use because they are not hard to match with outdoor furniture you already have. The less time you spend shopping for matching furniture, the more time you have to enjoy your outdoor environment!

2. They can be used around the pool

These benches are ideal for placing next to pools or hot tubs because they are easy to transport and will stay intact around water. They will be a comfortable seat when drying off and taking a break after playing in the pool. Wood backless benches can also be used as a table around the pool for placing drinks, towels, and other supplies on while you are swimming. They may need to be sealed and protected before exposing them to water but woods such as red cedar are less prone to warping and shrinking due to moisture.

3. They can be used as a chair or decoration in a garden

A wood backless bench is also a great addition for any yard with a garden. In addition to being an attractive decoration in the garden, wood backless benches can also be a convenient place to sit while weeding and planting. Red cedar wood benches are a great choice for around a garden because they will stay cool even when the sun is beating down on them because of their insulation power.

4. They can be used indoors

These benches are also useful when used indoors because they are usually slim in design and can be a great place to sit extra guests at your dinner table or in a living room. Placing these benches in a breezeway or hallway is also effective because removing wet shoes can be done with ease right near the door, reducing the risk of dirt and water ruining your carpet.

5. They can be used for commercial purposes

These benches also work effectively when used commercially, especially for businesses which have outdoor attractions. These benches will not only give your customers a nice place to rest their feet, but they will be very cost-effective because they will last a long time. Parks, bus stops, and eating establishments will find a wood backless bench to be a great investment

Regardless of where you decide to place your wood backless bench, it will be a versatile and effective addition to any furniture collection and will add beauty and comfort in any part of the home.

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Five Uses For Your Wood Backless Bench

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This article was published on 2010/03/28