Why Use a Potting Bench?

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Any gardener who is serious about their plants knows how difficult the process can sometimes be. It can be nearly impossible to maintain your garden in an orderly manner. As you get older, or if you have problems with your back, it can also be painful to spend a lot of time down on your knees while you dig in the dirt.

For these reasons and more, a potting bench is an excellent improvement to every garden. Not only is a potting table eye-catching and adds a different ingredient to your patio or yard, but it also is very sensible and quite adaptable as well.

By making use of a potting bench, you will be able to keep all of your seeds, pots, and other gardening utensils within easy reach. You can store objects such as potting soil, pots, and planters on the lower shelf. A potting bench can also be used as a carving area, a work table, or even for serving drinks to your friends.

A potting bench is also an excellent place to transplant, prune, root, and cut your plants. You can save your back from gratuitous injury by carrying out these activities on your potting bench instead of on your knees in the garden.

Many potting benches in today's market contains a guard rail on the back to keep your soil on the bench and prevent it from falling onto your patio or deck. This quality allows you to keep your work area nice and neat, while still using it for all your planting needs.

You can either choose to buy a pre-made potting table from a furniture manufacturer, or if you are feeling brave, you can try to build it yourself. Many companies will sell you a blueprint and directions, the equipment and materials you will need, and some even pre-drill the holes in your bench. If you desire to build your own potting bench, don't forget to apply a finish to it when you are done.

Ultimately, whether you end up purchasing or building your potting bench, it is incredibly important to make sure your bench is weatherproofed. The most popular weatherproofing finish options for wood furniture are varnish and paint.

Another advantage of using a potting bench is that bending over in the garden can cause damage to your back, which will cause you a lot of pain. Luckily, when you use a potting bench, you can avoid lifting and bending, and perfect your plants at waist-level instead. This option is much better for your back than straining your muscles by planting and transplanting on your knees.

Every gardener, from the novice to the expert, needs to invest in a potting table for their garden. This piece of furniture not only creates an outstanding work area for your gardening, but will also save your back from needless strain. Your garden will look better because of your bench purchase, and you yourself will feel better and be able to enjoy your favorite pastime even more.

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Why Use a Potting Bench?

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This article was published on 2010/03/28